Silence Finally Broken | Mjd

Silence Finally Broken

Name: Mjd Abusalama (woman)
Age: 21
Location: Gaza/ Saftawe

Shrill shouts and chants involuntarily came out from enthusiasm-filled throats for the birth of a new generation, because it couldn’t put up any more with the outmoded dictatorial and repressive Arab regimes. The disavowal of the past along with its memories was the catalyst which re-animated stiff bodies and made them come up for the air of democracy, freedom, change, social justice, the rule of law, dismissing restrictions and submission to the ruler, as well as ending republics of intimidation and the police state, which indulges in taking people’s lives.
In fact, individuals’ principles and ideas are deeply rooted to fight against, even if they remain in torpor for a long time, but they are valid forever, and when the time is ripe, they are harmoniously ready to flare up. So, they repudiated those controlling their minds who call for false slogans, and instead, they affiliated with an “assembly” of their own creation, saying Goodbye to injustice and oppression and embracing democracy with open arms. They stood up against injustice, broke their silence and said no more sorrows.
Honorable young men and women believed if they didn’t make the sun rise again, darkness would wipe them away, and they knew they were tomorrow’s new generation, and that creating a glorious future is a responsibility that lies on their shoulders. They didn’t mind giving up on their own lives, or falling martyrs, for the sake of defending their ideas. They looked for armored, impenetrable shields and used modern media outlets to bring all followers closer to one another—no matter where they are—through using the Internet, including social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other means, to disseminate ideas of democracy and freedom among as many people as possible.
But Facebook was the most used platform, where youth created pages with the logo “people want to…”, emphasizing their right to participate and express their views freely in their countries. Therefore, through Facebook, people ignited revolutions and shook thrones by a “mouse click”. In Tunisia, the “Yasmine Revolution” erupted, and then “Jan.25” revolution followed in Egypt, where its leaders achieved triumph after bloody battles which claimed many lives. After the ousting of both Mubarak and Ben Ali, people in neighboring Arab countries felt jealous and had to re-consider the pros and cons of their regimes and their conditions as individuals. They found no pros, and that their systems were completely flawed and corrupted, so they decided to rise against their oppressors.
After the ground-breaking success of the revolution, a lot of questions remain open: What’s next? Whether or not democracy will build a better future? Who will be voted in as presidents? Will Islamic parties participate in governments? And will the Arab countries allow foreign intervention in their affairs?
Egypt took its first step towards achieving freedom and democracy. The vote on constitutional amendments gave the world a lesson in practicing democracy, of which the Egyptian people were deprived since 1952. Just when there are some people saying yes or no to the constitutional amendments without fear of consequences, this is democracy, which is a positive step and a glimpse of hope for a better tomorrow.
However, in case Islamic currents— the “Renaissance Party” in Tunisia and the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt—rule, the situation would be much similar to that of Gaza’s tragedy, where Hamas’s rule is. They believed in democracy, only once and for all, until they came to power, but then they wouldn’t repeat the electoral process, because they are pretty much confident if presidential and legislative elections are to be held, they will not win, due to their repressive and anti-democratic policies; there is no room for dialogue with them, because they understand only the language of bullying and intimidation, and sometimes killing. Whoever is not with them is against them. They don’t respect others’ viewpoints and tend to crack down on anyone with different beliefs and doctrines.
Do not be in rash, revolutionists, you still have a long way to go; you can do whatever you want, just make decisions and bear the consequences of your own actions and defend them. Don’t allow anyone to thwart your voice. Say No to injustice and Yes to justice at the top of your voice, and wait for democracy flowers to bloom, and don’t to be afraid. You have to make your way to democracy until you reach your endeavor.


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